The Amazingly Achievement of NUDIE JEANS

Nudie Jeans comes from Nordic Sweden.It was built in 2001 by Maria Erixon,who used to be a famous designer of LEE.She created Nudie Jeans just because of her crazy favor of jeans, so she wanted to achieve her dream about jeans independently!Different from jeans from other brands', she was dedicated to showing the original charm of jeans, not too floral,not too complecated!She cares more about jeans' original beauty, soft and comfortable wearing feels! Maria Erixon aimed to take jeans as our second skin. All Nudie Jeans are made of denim from ITALY,just a small part of them from Japan.They adopt the most advanced manufacturing technology ---Italy manufacture.And they are made in Italy.
Depending on the strict and serious select of materials and manufacturer, Nudie Jeans got an incredible increase sale rate ---78% in 2005 without spending any money on ads! It sounds impossible,but it is the fact!Top quality, serious attitude and unique idea are still the most important factors which brought about wonders!High quality is the best ad!

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